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Pregnancy and Endometriosis

Dear friends, today we would like tell you about a gynaecological condition known as endometriosis and its impact on fertility.

Endometriosis is a condition whereby tissue from the lining of the uterus (called the “endometrium”) migrates outside the uterus which leads to pain and bleeding during menstruation at the sites of the endometrial outgrowth(s).

Fortunately for the women in reproductive age, suffering from endometriosis, the condition does not necessarily mean infertility, but simply more difficulty getting pregnant. Many women manage to conceive naturally. The more severe the endometriosis, the more difficult it is to get pregnant. Endometrial tissue can clump around the ovaries or the fallopian tubes, which can prevent ovulation and / or fertilization. In these cases, surgical removal of these clusters is made, which facilitates pregnancy.

A combination of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and intrauterine insemination is a possible solution. After a few unsuccessful attempts (the number is determined by the treating obstetrician-gynecologist depending on your individual situation), it is time to consider in vitro fertilization.

Although 1 in 10 women of reproductive age suffers from endometriosis, not many people have heard of this condition because it is not life-threatening. At the same time, it has a negative impact on the personal as well as the professional life of those affected by it. We need to learn to understand women struggling with endometriosis every day because they are more than we imagine and they are everywhere.

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