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New Life Clinic Burgas presents to its patients the unique computerized system for sperm analysis.

From 22.06.2020 all interested couples of New Life Fertility Center and our Male Center New Life who are looking for a reliable sperm analysis will be able to do it right here in our New Life Center Burgas.

For more information and to make an appointment, please contact us at tel.: +359879084777 and +35956555588

Please note that by utilizing (CASA) our sperm analyzes is extremely accurate. All sperm analysis performed in our clinic are being analyzed by our specialist embryologist and urologist and will be delivered and explained to you by our IVF specialist. The analysis is in full compliance with the requirements of the Reproductive Health Fund and can be submitted as part of your application to the Fund.

Recent studies show that 40 – 50% of infertility cases in a couple are man related. Sperm analysis is the first and basic method for determining whether a man’s natural ability to reproduce is affected. According to the method of semen examination, sperm analysis is divided into two types – conventional and computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA).

CASA is an automated sperm analysis system in which sperm concentration, motility and morphology are analyzed by specialized software. The main advantage of CASA is that it eliminates the subjectivity associated with the human factor, in manual semen analysis, thereby allowing better standardization of the procedure. The analysis made by this method gives much more detailed information about the concentration of spermatozoids in the sperm, their motility, morphology, vitality and the presence of DNA fragmentation.

Computer Aided Sperm Analysis (CASA)

Semen Analysis




On the Open Day of New Life Burgas, the manager of the clinic Dr. Dobrinka Petrova presented comprehensive information about the center. She personally answered all the questions that concern couples with reproductive problems and gave full information about the services offered at In vitro Center NewLife – donor programs for sperm, egg donation, in vitro procedures, as well as the latest developments in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. It was also an ideal opportunity for all present to consult for free and meet Dr. Popov, who represents “Male Center New Life” in Burgas, focused on male fertility health. The center announced that they will soon start making sperm analysis, which will make it easier for many patients from Burgas and the region.

The high-tech equipment in New Life allows accurate and precise diagnosis and treatment. Our team has been trained at the prestigious Hassada and Asuta Hospitals in Israel and easily diagnoses, consults and treats both female and male infertility factors.


The team of the newest point for reproductive health in our city – “New Life Clinic” organizes an Open Day and Free consultations in Burgas.

On June the 7th, 2020 – Sunday, parents-to-be from Burgas and the Southern Black Sea coast region will be able to receive answers to all the questions they are interested in from our highly professional and responsible team. During the visit, personally the manager of NewLife clinic – Dr. Dobrinka Petrova will inform you about the newest modern reproductive technologies in the sphere of assisted reproduction.

Interested couples must request attendance at +35956555599 or +359 879 084 777, where they will receive full information about the event. The consultations are completely free! We ask all interested patients to call in advance and request attendance. The number of consultations is limited.

The new center in the seaside town is a satellite of the leading clinic for male and female reproductive health and assisted reproduction New Life – Plovdiv. Patients from Burgas and the region now have easy and fast access to the latest technologies in assisted reproduction, they can be consulted, examined or follow their pregnancy here on place in Burgas. New Life Clinic Burgas offers full range of specialized medical care and gives patients a chance to trust the highly qualified team of New Life – Plovdiv, headed by our medical manager – obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Dobrinka Petrova, consulted by internationally recognized specialists in the field of assisted reproduction.
Dr.Petrova will introduce to our future patients the full range of services applied in the New Life – donor programs for sperm, eggs donation, classic in vitro procedures, ICSI or IMSI with the latest technologies in reproductive medicine. The NewLife Egg donation program cooperate with a world donation bank, which allows patient to choose an appropriate donor from a catalogue and the waiting time is minimized.

We will introduce you Dr. Vasil Popov – a specialist urologist part of the “NewLife Male Center for Reproductive Health”- caring entirely for male fertility, who will speak about different methodology of treating male infertility. The “New Life Male Center” has CASA(computer assisted spermogram analysis), Cryo Bank and performs TEFNA(testicular biopsy-the newest ang gentle method for analysis) which is completely new for the region of Burgas.