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Testicular Biopsy

Testicular biopsy is undertaken by patients with suspected obstructive azoospermia, in other words patients who have no sperm in their ejaculate but there are indications that the process of spermatogenesis is active. The explanation for the complete lack of sperm

in the ejaculate in those cases is the presence of an obstruction (blockage) or the absence of the vas deferens. In spite of the fact that sperm cannot get out, having an active process of spermatogenesis means that sperm can be retrieved directly from the testes and then used for ICSI.

There are different types of testicular biopsy. At New Life Specialized Medical Center of Gynecology we practise the method known as TEFNA (TEsticular Fine Needle Aspiration), which is much more sparing for the patient and is characterized by shorter recovery time than open testicular biopsy. TEFNA is a surgical sperm retrieval technique whereby a fine needle attached to a syringe is introduced through the skin of the scrotum and into the testis in order to aspirate sperm directly from it. Different parts of the testis are biopsied with one entry of the needle. In this way chances of finding sperm are optimized, while the structural damage done to the testis is minimized.