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Why NewLife ?

The center for the treatment of male infertility is mainly directed to the following patient groups:

• Men with abnormalities in functional parameters examined in semen analysis (semen analysis)

• Men in need of cryopreservation of semen

• Couples with unexplained infertility and / or several unsuccessful assisted reproductive cycles under normal sperm parameters

• Couple with persistent infertility after treatment of female factor infertility

• Leading know-how of Israel in reproductive technology in New Life

We are the first IVF center in Bulgaria that carries the know-how of Israel in the field of assisted reproductive technologies on the Bulgarian market. In Israel the research in this area is very advanced because the government provides full funding of all assisted reproductive procedures conducted for a couple, regardless of their number, until the birth of two children.

• The team of New Life – passed prestigious study abroad

The entire medical team of the clinic has successfully completed prestigious training at the famous Jewish Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem and Rishon Asuta near Tel Aviv.
All of our specialists and administrative staff of the clinic speak English very good. Some of our specialists also speak German and Hebrew. Our team is open to communication with foreign patients.

• World recognized names in in-vitro – consultants of the medical team of the New Life

All clinical practices in medical center New Life follow the pattern established by our advisors – Professor. Neri Laufer, one of the first doctors in the world to successfully conduct a human IVF, founder of IVF centers in the United States and Israel, and Dr. Anat Safran , world-renowned embryologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction.

• New Life – fitted with equipmentment of the highest class

The center has modern equipment, including the latest Micromanipulation Eppendorf system for ICSI fertilization – TransferMan 4r and benchtop incubator (benchtop incubator) with 10 compartments. This type of incubator maintains more constant values ​​of temperature, pH and carbon dioxide at the opening of the standard incubators. This is an important condition for a successful IVF procedure.
Security of eggs, sperm and embryos is conducted by individual emergency power supply, which ensures consistency of the parameters, even in case of power outages.

• In New Life we do not give up on difficult cases

Our team looks at the difficult cases as a challenge to cope with. Many of our patients have had unsuccessful procedures before they come to us and realize their dream of becoming parents. Some of our team members are actively engaged in research and science and have a significant number of publications behind. This allows them to always keep pace with developments in reproductive medicine and apply them in clinical practice for the benefit of our patients.

• For us in New Life, each patient is special

Our specialists have an individual approach to each patient and pay attention to the human and emotional history of the patient as part of the medical treatment of infertility. So many of our patients keep in touch with the doctor who helped them build their family long after their procedures.